You want popcorn?

We've got popcorn.

Butter. Cheesy. Caramel. Oreo. Pizza... We have a flavor of popcorn for anyone who's ever wanted something different...or just more of what they already love.

The fudge you have got to try.

Over 14 different flavors of fudge to choose from...and each one comes with free in-store samples!

Add a little party to your popcorn.

We guarantee you'll find something you like.


Welcome to GiGi's,

The only candy store at The Crossroads of America.

GiGi's Gourmet Popcorn sits at the intersection of Alt. Hwy 75 and Route 66.

Nostalgic Candy and Soda.

You'll feel like you've stepped back in time when you see the stunning array of candies and sodas available. Bag your own or choose from an assortment of selections!


Meet the team behind GiGi's

Learn why Johnie and Julie Brown wanted to bring nostalgic candy and gourmet popcorn to the heart of Route 66.